Our work has always resolved around hats. Since our earliest childhoods we have know, touched, smelled and been accompanied by them. My great grandfather, David Bernal Rengel, my grandfather Alfonso Bernal Palacios and my father Moisès Bernal Bravo have laboured in this same activity, each in his time.Is it possible to inherit the attachment and love for this occupation?.

However it may be, we have devoted our lifetimes to these very well know straw hats, that on many occasions have identified our country and recognized the world over as a craft item and as a work of art to many people.


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Cuenca Ecuador, a city with culture and trandition


Cuenca is an ideal place for al travellers who are fed up with the bustling, noisy life of Quito. The inhabitants of Cuenca are more conservative and in this tranquil city traditions and customs are connected to modern life in a very harmonic way. You won´t find many skyscrapers here!

For everyone who is interested in history and culture Cuenca is the town to visit. Being a meeting point for many different cultures has had a strong influence on arts and traditions.



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Address: Bolivar 12-60 y Tarqui.

Cuenca - Ecuador